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 Welcome to our new Forum

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PostSubject: Welcome to our new Forum   Tue Oct 30, 2012 10:51 am

Welcome to our Shinraa Forum !

Martin has spent a lot of time creating this amazing forum for us.

Why do we need a forum?

Well, many of our members aren't using Facebook. So we thought it's a good idea to create a Forum to announce some important info like Events, Info about the Emporia War etc.

We're going to announce every new info on both sides, the forum and on facebook , but we hope that the facebook- users also going to be active here.

As you can see, we got many different sections here, like the trading/selling section for example.
If your like to sell/trade/gift anything, it would be awesome if you could use the forum.
In that way it's much easier for everyone of us to get his/her EQ / Miscs or any other stuff.

You can also use the general Chat for suggestions, problems or just for chit-chat.

We really hope to get many active members here Razz

~ Greez your Shinraa Staff Team , Selia, Martin and Zack <3 ~

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Welcome to our new Forum
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