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 Solution for Downloadproblems

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PostSubject: Solution for Downloadproblems   Wed Dec 05, 2012 3:30 am

Some of you are complaining because the download crashes or breaks up in middle.
This means you have to download the whole 2,3Gb's from start on.

Here a solution :

Use a downloadprogram like flashget3.
If you get an dc or anything else, then the download continues right where it broke up.

Here the link :

Download it and install it.

Now, when youre opening the downloadlink for evo, youre getting ask what you wanna do with it :

- open file
- download file
- download file with flashget

Guess what u need to choose? RIGHT "download with flashget"

Now the EvoDR file should be downloading in this program. Dont worry if
you dc now, your download continues as soon as youre connected again.

Hope that helps ya a bit, if not, Melamine is about to split the download in like 10 parts.
She's gonna put the links on forum as soon as she's done with it, but
she also said it could take some days to split and upload.

BlockMamba ( NO THATS NOT ME ) also posted a torrent link on forum, could be helpfull aswell.

~ Selia ~
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Solution for Downloadproblems
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