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PostSubject: Guildrules   Guildrules I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 10:32 am

Dear Shinraa members,

Due organisational reasons as guild leaders we are introducing some guild rules and wish to announce them. When these rules are not honoured by guild members the consequences will be severe and acted upon adequate.

1. Share your (potential) issues!

2. When you wish to leave the guild…

3. Don’t be rude outside the guildchat / facebook!

4. Don’t scam other people in- or outside the guild!

5. Don’t join megaphone arguments / fights!

6. Be yourself at all times!

7. Don’t join a (dummy) guild with your alternative character!

8. English language is a must while active on guildchat.


1.1 When you have any issues with a person/ guildmember / (vice)guildleader you can talk to us.We are here to help you with any situation and will do everything in our power to help you the best we can. We can only improve the atmosphere and find solutions for any problems, if we know what’s going on .

1.2 When you wish to leave the Guild, contact a (vice)guildleader! Inform him or her and clearify why you wish to leave the guild. We are interested in your wellbeing in - or outside the guild and wish to remain friendly contact at all time’s..and to be honest, its really sad if we find out that someone left us only by seeing him guildless. So, be fair to your Guild or Ex-Guild then and talk to us before you leave.

1.3 Don’t be rude outside the guildchat! We all know that Shinraa is a very funny guild,

and we all understand humour. However not everyone outside our guild shares the same kind of humour, so stay polite when you're talking in general chat. We don’t want to get a bad reputation!!!

1.4 Don't scam other people, regardless of their status as guildmember or general player.

1.5 In the past some of us got a 1 day bann because of joining a megaphone-fight.

Don't join Megaphone fights. At the end it's a bad reputation for Shinraa! Restrain yourself from ‘’insulting / bad’’ words at the megaphone.

This means ONLY fights, if you're feeling like spamming funny megaphones..just do it.. we don't care if anyone feels annoyed haha.

1.6 Be yourself!! No matter how good or bad you feel, share your happiness with us and share your sadness with us and we will be there for you!! This matter will sustains a high level of respect!! We are a big and very nice community and if you need someone to talk, we're pretty sure everyone will be there for you!

1.7 Don't join any ‘’dummy’’ guilds with an alternative character. It is not allowed by the Dragonica staff!! You’re main and alt can receive a permanent bann!!

1.8. Speak English while your active on guild chat, make yourself understandable. If somehow you think your English is not good enough, improove it!! It´s not a excuse to just say ´´its bad and do nothing about it´´. We got a minimum requirement for people to join Shinraa that is ''decent English'', so we should all be able to express ourselves and understand eachother in English.
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