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 Application System has changed !

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Application System has changed ! Empty
PostSubject: Application System has changed !   Application System has changed ! I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 11:03 am

Hey my cute nubs !

It's time for a little change, and since we have this awesome new forum we're going to change our application system.

Every applicant has to post his application in this Forum, not on Evo-Forum anymore.
The requirements are still the same, I'm going to create a new thread for them after this one Razz

BUT, from now on, everyone has the opportunity to vote on the applicants!


If anyone is posting his/her application , everyone of you has the opportunity to vote on them and to share good or bad experiences with the applicant, with us.

After 1-3 days we're going to accept or to reject the applicant, depends on the majority of the votes.


The requirements are still the same, don't vote for a yes for everyone only because you liked his application!!!!
We don't wanna end up as a collecting- guild which accepts everyone. Shinraa still stands for quality, but we care about your opinion , so we've made that new system.

We hope you like the new changes Very Happy

~ Selia, Martin and Zack ~
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Application System has changed !
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