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PostSubject: Requirements    Requirements  I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 30, 2012 11:16 am

Guild introduction

Who we are: Shinraa exists over 1 year now. During this time we have grown into a small elite family, and we are searching for some new familymembers!
We are a pvp- and emporia oriented guild but we also love to farm elga /van cliff and paris.

What we offer:

- funny but also serious conversations
- elga / paris / van cliff / lvl groups
- guild pvp matches
- guild events
- pvp lessons
- active Facebook Group which we use to announce info
- Teamspeak 3 Server
- active Guildleaders and Guildmember

Our guildrules:

Requirements to apply:

- Weapon legendary +20 with useful stats
- All armor legendary +15 / 20 , your deff should be between 15k-20k+
- cash equip, legendary and most of the items should be option +
- alot of game experience, resulting in overall good experience including elga farming / pvp
- If you want to join Emporia then you should have high Acc(1k+) and ATK 20k+
- excellent / fluent understanding and expression of the English language!!!
- he/she should have a lot of humour / personality

How to apply for the Guild:

Create a new Thread in the application section and fill in the application form.
It could take between 1-3 days till we finished the discussion about your application because every member should get the possibility to vote on you and to share any experiences that they might have with you, with us.

After we decided to accept or reject you, one of the staff members will contact you ingame or via this forum (PM)

Fill in the application form:

- Your age
- Your first name or how u want to get called
- Country / nationality
- Something about your personality (like hobbies, your kind of humour)
- The class you're playing
- Which EQ are you using ( best would be a screen, but it's also ok if you write it down)
- Your stats on atk / deff / acc / eva ( only if youre not sending a screen )
- what do you expect of us?
- what can we expect of you?
- what was your last guild and why did u left them?

If you wanna send a screen of your char, post it right under your application please.
If you like to talk to a staff member then contact us ingame :

- Azza
- Rathianx
- xZacKx

Kind regards,

~ Azza , Rathianx & xZacKx ~
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